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    Welcome to the official website of jiangsu Elite instruments co., LTD.

    Elite instrumments
    Focus on serving thickness gauge

    Jiangsu Elite instruments co., LTD. Takes "try our best to create valuable products and services recognized by customers" as its mission, and continuously carries out product and service innovation.Adhering to the principle of "focusing on thickness gauge, YiLiu instrument and first-class quality", we adhere to independent innovation and win-win cooperation.A trustworthy and respected company.

    We are E.s.t 2017

    Jiangsu Elite instrument co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of spectral analysis instruments.The company is located in kunshan chengbei high-tech zone between Shanghai and suzhou.Advanced technology, professional team, strict enterprise management is the company to continue to grow, products can win the trust of the fundamental place.Contact person: Ms. Feng/Ms. Deng address: 168, success road, kunshan city, jiangsu province

    Website: http://www.9458004.com

    Welcome to call jiangsu Elite instrument co., LTD.

    Contact us at 400-8501617
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